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Traffic Automation Ltd, founded in 2011 provides tailored ANPR solutions to police forces, petrol forecourts & car parking organisations throughout the UK & Europe.

Our Plate Pro ANPR product is recognised to be one of the best and most reliable ANPR products for car parking on the market, whilst providing unrivalled value for money. Our team are one of the most experienced in the industry having spent many years designing developing and installing ANPR systems throughout the world.

If a real life, cost effective ANPR solution is your requirement then Traffic Automation have the solution.

Police ANPR

Plate Pro In Vehicle ANPR, developed by Traffic Automation is a cost effective easy to use In Vehicle ANPR system. The system boasts many powerful features only previously found in much more expensive systems. Designed with the user in mind Plate Pro In Vehicle ANPR has an easy to use interface designed specifically for in vehicle use.

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Forecourt ANPR

Plate Pro Forecourt ANPR is designed to put the forecourt operator in total control. With connectivity to our national Forecourt Crime Database, the system provides an effective solution to the problem of forecourt bilking crime.

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Parking ANPR

Utilising the Plate Pro ANPR system as the core, Traffic Automation have created a system that allows for the management of car park facilities. Integrated with our flexible back office and a range of payment terminal.

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